About Us

Codaris Consulting is based in Burnaby, BC and was founded by Wayne Venables, a software developer and web architect who has been developing online applications and custom software since 1998.

Codaris is a small agency that provides quick decisions, direct lines of communication, and personal care with minimal overhead. We build unique web applications and custom software in less time by drawing on our considerable expertise as well as our large network of software and design experts.

Wayne Venables

Wayne Venables - Founder

Wayne has over 15 years of experience in software development and web technologies. He has personally developed several large-scale web applications and numerous information portal and e-commerce websites. He has also developed several successful desktop and mobile applications. Wayne has a bachelor's degree in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University and specialized in software engineering.

Wayne knows numerous programming languages including PHP5, JavaScript, C++, C, Java, and C#. He is an expert in multiple SQL dialects and creates beautiful and functional reports using Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services. Wayne keeps up to date on all modern web technologies including HTML5, jQuery, and AJAX. He is also a skilled educator, having taught introductory programming to web designers as well as SQL and reporting at various corporate firms.