I am a full-stack software developer with over two decades of experience crafting interactive web and desktop applications across diverse industries. My work involves various responsibilities, including Application Developer, Team Lead, Project Manager, Database Administrator, and Systems Administrator. I have a knack for turning ideas into complete solutions, no matter the platform.

My day job involves building custom desktop and web applications that serve as the backbone of daily operations. My responsibilities cover the entire project lifecycle, from planning and requirements gathering to development, deployment, and server management. As a team manager, I also handle project assignments, staff evaluations, training, and recruitment.

In my spare time, I have a passion for tinkering with hardware and developing open-source software. I particularly enjoy building tools that make life easier for fellow developers, like SDKs for robot enthusiasts, frameworks for smartwatches, and libraries for cool hardware projects.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I delved into the world of vintage and retro computers and electronics. My journey began with Ben Eater's YouTube series on constructing a 6502-based 8-bit computer. I also started collecting vintage handheld computers, a passion started in high school when I bought my first handheld PC — a second-hand Atari Portfolio. I not only collect but also engage in developing hardware and software for these technological relics of the past.

Let's connect

I believe that the blend of my extensive professional experience and enthusiasm for technology makes me a well-rounded individual who is always eager to take on new challenges. If you share an interest in software development, open source projects, or vintage computing, or if you have any questions or ideas you'd like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch.